Arizona Oasis
The name truly does this property justice – Sanctuary Camelback Mountain truly is a Sanctuary. Your own little oasis surrounded by red mountains, cactus, and luxurious casita styled rooms all nestled into the side of Camelback Mountain.

One might not think that they’d be able to find a sense of relaxation in the desert, but I am here to tell you it’s the perfect place to find that sense of relaxation you’ve been craving. This property is absolutely perfect for solo travelers, girls trips, spa getaways, the adventurous, and foodies. Never once did I hear a group of kids screaming and never once did I hear a party of girls causing a ruckus at the bar. It would have been difficult not to feel relaxed during my weekend at Sanctuary.

The Eats

Chef Beau MacMillan (who you might recognize from the Food Network and Iron Chef) has created some fantastic dishes for Sanctuary’s signature restaurant: Elements. Serving breakfast, lunch and dinner, Elements is truly a foodie’s dream.

While dining there myself, I had the filet with the king crab addition (of course) and would highly recommend that to anyone and everyone. However – it is quite large so it’s probably best to split. In addition to the filet, the calamari we ordered as an appetizer was by far the best calamari I’ve ever had in my life. Calamari is certainly a hit or miss for me – it’s either too rubbery or not seasoned well… but this calamari served with a miso scallion vinaigrette has officially secured it’s spot as #1 in my book.

Jade Bar has some of the best views in the resort area. Featuring live music… Jade Bar is a buzzing scene in the afternoon, filled with locals and resort guests. They have some fantastic signature cocktails as well as an extensive wine list. Those who want a more casual dining experience can dine in the bar which has table seating as well.

A friendly warning: Let me tell you… hummus lovers be warned, you will be ordering the hummus just about every day your there. By the pool, at the bar, in your room… it never gets old.

The Spa

Pure tranquility. That’s truly the only way I can describe this spa. From the moment I walked in for my treatments I was put at ease. Now they have a wide array of treatments to choose from… I was able to narrow my choices down to a 60 minute custom massage, a Citrus Lavender Softening Scrub, and the Vita D Brightening Facial. There’s an insane amount of treatments you can peruse on their website though I decided to keep it relatively basic since 1) I’d never had a facial before, and 2) my spa visits typically only feature a massage.

Fun tidbit: Booking your stay through me will get you a $100 spa credit 😉


All of the rooms at Sanctuary are going to be casita style. There are Spa casitas located near the spa, Mountain casitas nestled into the side of the mountain, and for the best view the Camelback casitas. They also offer a variety of suites and villas. Each casita is extremely spacious (starting at 500 square feet). They even offer connecting room options for bigger parties. The decor is very true to the destination while embracing modern touches and minimalist atmosphere.


Now I definitely don’t blame you if all you want to do is chill out by the pool and soak up the sun. But you should know that Sanctuary offers some pretty cool things that you might want to check out. I didn’t have time to try the smorgasbord of things that they offer – though I did try aerial yoga. Would highly recommend to anyone interested in something fun and new!

The resort also offers things like: tennis, flow yoga, paddleboard yoga, hiking, biking, pilates, cycling, cardio classes and more! Some are complimentary and some are at an extra cost.


448 W 19th St # 645 Houston, Texas 77008 | (713) 309-6518

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